Massage Sessions:
Alicia worked on my 100 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback when he was regularly running 4-8 miles with us on a regular basis.  We live in suburbia however, so running often meant large sections of concrete and asphalt surfaces for running, both of which are hard on a dog’s body. A Ridgeback is an athletic dog bred for an active lifestyle and massage helped keep him active and his muscles loose.  I found that 30 minute massage also helped his ability to recover and go for longer runs and hikes with us when the opportunity arose.  In general Ridgebacks are aloof with strangers and don’t regularly let people into their trust circle so it was nice to see my dog eagerly greeting Alicia when she came to work on him.   When he got hurt chasing after a rabbit and falling into a hole Alicia worked on him to help him heal faster but she also brought some essential oil blends which seemed to significantly reduce his pain levels.

Kate Z., Del Mar, California

Reconnective Healing:
I did a Reconnetive session with Alicia and immediately I began to feel calm and relaxed. The session seemed to go by rather fast as I indulged myself in this meditative state where there were no thoughts, but I could feel the positive effects long after it was over.  I think everyone should give it a try with Alicia, who is gentle and giving.

Gladys Jimenez, San Diego, CA
I was suffering from severe headaches and anxiety due to moving and other issues. Alicia performed a healing session with me and I immediately felt calmer.  My headaches went away, and I also started sleeping better. I would highly recommend Alicia for reconnective healing sessions. Her experience, compassion, and healing energy is extremely therapeutic.  She also works with animal healing and care. and I would recommend her for that as well.
Jean V., San Diego, CA
Cat Sitting:
Alicia is our cat’s favorite person! Not only is she reliable and trust worthy but she is the only person our scaredy cats aren't afraid of. We have been using her for 6 years and would highly recommend her to anyone with furry friends

Kaelin Schickedanz, San Diego, CA
Alicia takes excellent care of my two kitties whenever I am away (as well as my family's dogs and aquatic turtle). She has always been very reliable, trustworthy, and respectful. I never have to worry about my pets (fur babies) when I am away because I know that they are being extremely well taken care of. She is great about sending texts and photos of our pets to keep me updated. I would highly recommend Alicia for any pet services you need. (Including pet massages, our dog loves her massage techniques!) 

Tina C., San Diego CA

Cat Boarding
Although I no longer have a fur baby, I have witnessed many instances when Alicia has boarded cats. I am always amazed to see how happy and relaxed they are with her, especially knowing that cats are so territorial. They seem to feel very much at home while staying with her; she just showers them with love, compassion, attention and even get massages! I can't think of a better person to trust a fur baby with than her.

Susana T., San Diego, CA

Dog Walking:
Alicia has been walking and taking care of my dog for over 6 years. She is just absolutely wonderful with my fur baby!  She truly loves animals and is passionate about her work.  My dog is highly anxious and has leash aggression and she is able to handle him everyday.  She truly loves my dog and I know he is well taken care of when I'm away. She is extremely trustworthy, she has stayed at my house several times to watch my dog while I am away.  I can't say enough great things about Alicia!!

Katie K., San Diego CA